About me

I’m web developer for AAT (The AAT (Association of Accounting Technicians) company in Barbican (London). I am profoundly deaf and generally use British Sign Language to communicate, although I can lip-read and after spending time with people they are easily able to understand my speech.

In 2008, I won the “Our Heros Award” in the Fundraiser category of the South London newspaper for my efforts in fundraising £27k for my North Pole excursion. During this trip the BBC made a documentary about my experiences before, during and after the North Pole. Our team of 6 people demonstrated full commitment to the training and fitness levels required in such conditions, which are intensified for the South Pole race in 2011/12. Deaf awareness sessions were provided for my colleagues and we created various signals to be able to communicate in emergencies, in addition to the team learning a few basic signs.

My wife and I have three daughters and I love being a dad. I’m an easy going person and pride myself on being flexible and listening to the needs of others.  I am very committed to any project I undertake and have a positive outlook on life. Marathon, I’m aiming to tick by each of the countries – capital cities in worldwide then will do last marathon at my homeland (London) I started to join the marathon in 2005 – ongoing.

You can have a look at my marathons list