8th Marathon – Rome

For the first time, I  caught an early plane from London to Rome  at 8am Saturday morning and  came back Sunday evening .  A nice surprise, I just made a new lady friend  who I met  on the coach from airport to  the city centre of  Rome. Michelle is from Korea and  and is a  university student of international exchange in Paris. It was her first time  she has run a marathon  as it was her New Year Resolution ,   so I gave her some of  advice about  running a  marathon.

Marathon Village   I’m very  impressed  with their excellent service, runner exhibit s  and shops.  At  Registration they surprised  us and presented us with a free fantastic free Asics Runn ing  bag. There  were lot s  of good runner exhibit s  but its little slight ly  disappoint because  they didn’t have a Pasta party espeically as you know the  Italians are   world famous  and pasta is what runners eat before a marathon. However, we  did go to  a very nice restaurant  .

9:00am in strong windy conditions. More than 12,000 runners showed up. The start line is placed in front of the 2,000 year old Coliseum. I was shocked to saw loads of  soldiers and t was very well organised. You knew exactly where to stand  by the wall of each bid number section. I decided to  go easy and  have a  relaxed run because I’ve  gained an extra stone and half  to  keep me to warm when I’ll go to North Pole next month.

It  was  an  enjoyable run   24 km of historic sights   right from the beginning to the  end. I went  past  Saint Peter’s, the Trevi Fountain, Piazza Navona, the Spanish Steps and through a lot of picturesque sights,  long narrow s treets in the old part of the city. My weak area is the roman stones path which is 80% from start to finish line. It’s bit risky for easy to damage your ankle if you tip over. The marathon ending is in the historical heart of the Eternal Roman City.

Finally, I finished 3 hours 14 minutes – 851st

1st  Kiptoo Yego 2:09:57 (PB)
2nd Sanga Kimutai 2:10:03
3rd Kenyan Henry Kapkyai Kimeli 2:10.17

Russia’s Galina Bogomolova won the women’s race with in 2:22.53, the fastest a woman has run a marathon on Italian soil.

I would like to say thank to a couple (Sam & Ella) helped me guide to the Metro afterwards. And also, Congrats to Michelle from Korea that she finished 5hrs 30mins.

Next challenges:

North Pole – 13 to 26th April 08
Half Iron Man – June 08

Oliver Westbury