North Pole Expedition


I decided to join the NDCS North Pole Expedition which it is a unique challenge that reaches the Geographic North Pole 13 – 29 April 2008. I trekked 70 miles with six team mates to covered 70 miles of the most hostile wilderness on earth to raise vital funds for the National Deaf Children’s Society (NDCS). The exclusive Arctic expedition aims to make a surface crossing of the Arctic Ocean between latitude 89N and the Geographic North Pole at 90N known as ‘The Last Degree’ that 60 nautical miles (approximately 70 statute miles) pulling 40kg pulks across the ice and snow!

Finally, we reached the North Pole 90N on Monday 21 April 2008.

Our had a hair-raising morning as there was a very strong westerley drift. The wind was blowing as fast as they could walk so they were concerned that if they didn’t make it today, they wouldn’t make it at all!

It has been much clearer this afternoon and they were all very excited to reach the North Pole but surprised at the ever-changing formation of the Pole. As they put it ’our Pole is no-one else’s as it soon drifts past’. For a few seconds we were on top of the world. It is good to know that the first deaf person to reach the North Pole is British.

I am raised a huge £27,000 in aid of the National Deaf Children’s Society for this expedition. I have done lots of fundraising for various events e.g. 180 days unshaved beard, New Year eve party, Barn dance plus many more..

When I arrived at London Airport. I was big shocked when my family show me “The News” Portsmouth Newspaper with my face on the front page.


I’ve received an “our Heroes” Fundraiser of the Year award winning from South London Newspaper on December 2008 (Link – Click No 18 picture).