20km Brussels Half Marathon

Race Report: 20km Brussels Half Marathon – 27 May 2007

I entered the Brussels 20km Marathon as a preparation for the Stockholm Marathon on 9th June. There were 28,000 participants and it was sold after a few weeks when registration online was open! This was my third time that I have ran in Brussels (three years row.) The weather condition was cool temperatures and cloudy. The course is very nice and spectator’s support was excellent!
The leader went out so fast but for me I couldn’t be happier and satisfied, I set a personal best, I finished 1h20:12 that was five minutes quicker from last year.

Pro runner finished Brussels 20km: Yousuf Othman Qader – 1h00:23

609: WESTBURY OLIVER 10km: 0:38:43 – 20km: 1:20:12 – Rank: 533

Deaf Runner participants:

399 GILLES NANIWE (Bel) 10km: 0:38:36 – 20km: 1:24:42 Rank: 1106
1659 TOBY BURTON (Eng) 10km: 0:47:49 – 20km: 1:39:39 Rank: 5683
12369 CHRISTO SAILER (Ger) 10km: 0:55:04 – 20km: 1:52:47 Rank: 10900
16423 KILIAN KNOERZER (Ger) 10km: ? – 20km: 2.03:00 Rank: ?
12368 LUC SAENEN (Bel) 10km: 1:00:13 – 20km: 2:04:40 Rank: 14939

Next race: Stockholm Marathon – 9th June

Oliver Westbury

Belgium 20km