London Triathlon

The Michelob ULTRA London Triathlon Report – 5th August 2007

4044: Olympic distance – 1500m swim / 40km bike / 10km run – Group two at 7am

It was my first time to enter one of the “World Biggest Thrills” the Michelob Ultra London Triathlon – based at the Royal Docks in London. Over 12,000 entrants entered this multidisciplinary event. The race was due to start at 7am so it was pretty early for me to wake up at 4.30am – to start the preparation of the racks and get ready for the start, it looked like perfect weather for racing – with the sun about to rise. A day temperature forecasted 30c degrees!

When entered the big Excel warehouse I saw the thousands of people bike and wetsuits everywhere. I was nervous, but excited. I entered the Royal Dock water and I saw how’s far the swimming 1500m length swim was. I was very shocked! Oh my god!

The race started, everyone was pushing and pulling each other and I had to swim as fast as I can. The water was not clean and I was unable to see anything underwater even using my swimming goggles. Finally, I reached a 1500m and got out of the water – my body felt like jelly. I had to continue to run to the bike area and get ready for ride the bike (Honestly, I bought a nice road bike from eBay site two weeks before the triathlon). Finally, I was on the bike route into central London (Westminster) that I was catching up and passed the men. A bike route was excellent because there were no cars on the road!

When I finished the bike part and started to run. Ouch! For a few minutes my legs went out of control as I had been riding for 40km without a stop. Ah, next part of the run was my favourite and I ran faster and passed lots of men during the 2 laps round the Royal Docks area.

My London Triathlon OfficialResult:

1500m Swim = 31.54mins,

40km Bike =1hrs 11mins,

10km Run= 42mins .26 sec

Total=2hrs 31mins 23secs.

Surprised I was in 213 places :-) I’m impressive with my excellent result as it was my first time in the triathlon. It was quite a shock to see the the BBC team at the finish line filming me and wanting to and interview me but I was out of breath and unable to talk! Oh-duh… The London triathlon is fantastic experience that I would definitely to go there again next year. I need to aim for practice my swimming for next triathlon.

Many thanks to these excellent supporters who came – Stuart, Warren, Angela and Adam/Emma also my mum and Chris! J They loved it and found it exciting as it was the first time they have watched a triathlon.

My next challenge is Berlin Marathon on 29th September! I’m praying it won’t be very hot this time.

Oliver Westbury