Training Programme

Plan Start for Beginners Running:

Running Shoe:
Recommend you to go to specialist running stores that they are on hand to help and advise you which running shoe is best suited to you and the latest developments in running shoe technology.

  • Running shoe advice
  • London Marathon Store
  • At Run and Become
  • Choosing a Shoe: The Very Basics
  • Buying your first pair of running shoes

Running – Training Support: Useful information

  • First Training SupportBUPA:
  • Beginner’s 5km fun run
  • Beginner’s training section: 10km run
  • Beginner’s training section: Half marathon
  • Beginning Running: The First Of Many Miles
  • Beginners Running Training Programme
  • The Couch-to-5K Running Plan
  • At Run and Become – tips
  • Plan your year marathons

Runner Club: If you want to join the runner club:

First run ( Recommend)


Join any charity’s challenge place: